X-Ray Flat Panel Detector(FPD)


Flat panel detectors (FPD) are used in direct digital radiography (DDR) for conversion of x-rays to light (indirect conversion) or charge (direct conversion) which is read out using thin film transistors (TFT array) and CMOS sensor types.

They are of two types:

  • Indirect conversion FPDs
    outermost layer is scintillator: phosphor screen (caesium iodide or gadolinium oxysulfide)
    detector: based on amorphous silicon photodiode
    convert X-rays to light and then to charge (hence called indirect FPDs)
  • Direct conversion FPDs
    outermost layer: high voltage bias electrode
    detector: based on amorphous selenium
    convert X-rays to charge directly (hence called direct FPDs)

It is important to note that indirect conversion can also be detected using charge-coupled devices (CCDs). These are small and require optical coupling.
Our can offer FPDs product of Rayence, Toshiba, Teledyne Dalsa and Thales, application to medical digital image, dental CT image and industrial non-destructive tests (NDT).

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